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Last Updated on September 8, 2023 by Monica Snyder

“But Monica, I can’t give away my ‘how’!” 😱

Yesterday, I was teaching a group of women how to create lead magnets that convert, and that comment was made.

That used to be true. But now…

The “micro how” is your new best friend for content that sells. 💵

Why? Because almost every market has grown sophisticated.

That means they know more than ever, and you must stand out in new ways. 📣

That’s why I’m coaching my clients to stand out by solving micro-problems in their free or low-content content. 👏

To understand a micro problem and how it fits in your ecosystem, let’s discuss macro, mezzo, and micro problems.

Macro, Mezzo, and Micro Problems

🌍 Macro Problems: These are the broad societal issues that you may or may not tackle directly, but should be aware of to understand the context around your content.

🧩 Mezzo Problems: These are the sweet spots for your course or service—focused yet still broadly applicable to your target audience.

🔍 Micro Problems: These are highly specific problems that you can address through free content or tiny offers to build trust, bringing people into your mezzo or macro level course or service.

Let’s break it down with some examples…

Macro, Mezzo, and Micro Problem Examples

Rebuilding Trust in a Relationship Coach
🌍 Macro problem: Societal judgment of having an affair
🧩 Mezzo problem: Parenting while rebuilding trust
🔍 Micro problem: A late reply to a text ignites suspicion

Email Marketing
🌍 Macro problem: Increased email competition due to AI
🧩 Mezzo problem: Content and list segmentation strategies
🔍 Micro: Crafting the perfect subject line

Women Over 40 Gain Thier Energy Back Coach
🌍 Macro problem: Rising stress levels
🧩 Mezzo problem: Simplifying complex nutrition
🔍 Micro: Stop evening sugar cravings

Each of these micro-problems can be solved quickly, planting the seeds for people to want to work with you more. 🌱

Create Micro-Content for Different Buyer Types

Now, you’re savvy enough to know that different people need different info in order to make a purchase, right?

Think about it…

When someone goes to buy a dining table, some people price shop, some are looking for the right size, some want it to look pretty in the space, and some want a place to share their life with others.

The same is true for your buyers, so give them what they want! 💝

Take your micro-content and showcase it in these ways to hit all buyer types.

📚 For The Story Seeker:
Use the story in your micro-content to draw in these buyers. They need to hear about others (including you) doing the thing so it isn’t as scary or unknown for them.

📈 For The Logical Thinker:
This buyer needs data like plants need the sun—so give it to 'em! That same micro-content can be converted into a fact-filled how-to guide or infographic.

🎥 For The Skimmer:
In a rush? Perfect! Condense your content into quick bullet-point posts. You get straight to the point. The 73% of skimmers out there get straight to action.

🤝 For The Social Butterfly:
This buyer type loves interaction and will lap up the opportunity to engage with you live! So go live or give the opportunity to ask questions about your micro-content.

The Streamlined Content Creation Workflow

Weave all these together with a longer piece of content that has every buyer type included and then break it out into the others. 

📚 Start with a story
📈 Sprinkle in some facts
🎥 Summarize the points
🤝Add in an ask

If you do your content this way, you’ll create 5 pieces of content from one micro-content.

Example for Micro-Content: Crafting the perfect subject line
1️⃣Email or blog post that hits all types
2️⃣Story Seeker: a subject line split test & why
3️⃣Logical Thinker: the results of the test
4️⃣Skimmer: the headlines & sub-headlines
5️⃣Social Butterfly: share their fav subject lines

Pretty cool, huh? 😎

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