14 Online Entrepreneurs Share How They Prep for Powerful Weeks

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On Sundays, I yell GO TITANS! 🏈, bake some stuff, play with the kiddos, and prep for the upcoming week.

My prep was feeling a little blah, so, I asked my email readers, how do you prep for your week?

And, oh boy, did they deliver!

I've gathered them all here, because why keep all that amazing info to myself? 🤷‍♀️

Prep the things that trip you up...

Life is busy but a little bit of prep goes a long way!

I review our calendar for the week & order groceries or anything we need for Saturday pickup. Sunday is prep day. I do any essential laundry.

Then food prep some breakfasts & lunches for me & my husband while cooking dinner.

Prep the things that normally trip you up & have you scrambling!

Jot down your top three weekly priorities...

Here are two weekly prep gems I swear by:

1) As you prep for the week, jot down your top three weekly priorities and the corresponding tasks for tomorrow. This keeps your to-do list manageable and your work week on point. 😉

2) Take a peek at the list of leads you need to follow-up with tomorrow. Remember, the fortune is in the follow-up so keeping track of your leads is crucial.

Let's work smart, not hard, and make it happen! 😎

Put tasks on a giant white board...

I use a Notion board with all my projects.

I prep for the week by brain dumping all of my new ideas in to the "ideas" section. I then update any projects in the "in progress" section so I know where I need to focus.

Only top priorities for the week go in "in progress," which means sometimes I shuffle projects in and out of that stack.

From there, I take the tasks I need to accomplish/work on and put them on a giant white board so they are always visible! Those are my priorites!

Make it a non-negotiable to complete my self-care routine...

When setting the stage for a successful week, I prioritize three crucial steps.

First, I diligently batch tasks and schedule them to maximize efficiency.

Next, I make it a non-negotiable to complete my self-care routine, nurturing my mind, body, and soul.

Finally, I unwind my mind through reflective journaling, continued education, and moments of pure relaxation.

These tips, my friend, will propel you forward with unwavering productivity throughout the entire week. Keep pushing!

Each week counts...

I connect the week to my biggest dreams and goals.

That alone is quite exciting.

Each week counts!

Things are slated in the "zone of genius" time...

I sit down on Sunday and write out all of the things that MUST happen this week and what things are nice to get done, and then things that could get done this week.

I give them a priority status and deadline to make sure that things are slated in the "zone of genius" time.

Have a task in Asana with all the steps...

First, I make sure any personal appointments and workouts are on my schedule.

Then I review my calendar and see what I need to prepare for and create tasks in Asana.

Next, I do a digital cleanup of my computers and phone.

Finally, I sweep through marketing emails and plan my social content for the following week.

I have a task in Asana with all the steps that repeats every Sunday.

Always come back to center...

Meditation. First and foremost, before any other form of prep. Because I want to do it all that from 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 place.

I like to review my weeks, and start to think about the next one coming, during my slow and laid back Sundays. Relaxed is when the mind is actually the most awake. This, too, is a meditation, of sorts. All daydreaming is, and we could all stand to do much more of it.

Then each day begins with a meditation. Before my phone comes off airplane mode (and, please DO sleep with it in airplane mode). My first moments are always with myself, no notifications of any kind allowed.

Again, I like to do my planning, and also my responding, from 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 place. I dream the life I'm stepping into, using every sense until the feeling of it fills me, and then zoom in on the day ahead of me, visualizing every meeting and task having the best possible of outcomes.

Any planning or prep I may do on paper may be helpful, also, but I find that when I skip these simple steps, my weeks have a way of derailing as circumstances take over.

Always come back to center. But, first, you have to find out where your center 𝘪𝘴.

Set a weekly meeting for yourself...

My favorite way to prep for the week is to have a meeting with myself, and I rarely miss it because it sets me up for success.

I add any appointments or activities I’m responsible for to my desk calendar and then create work blocks around them.

I also plan 1-3 priorities for my work time, set the meal plan schedule, and make sure my hubby and I are on the same page for who is doing what.

Set a weekly meeting for yourself, you’ll be glad you did!

Ensuring the hubs of the home are tidy...

I like to feel like I have a clean slate each week, so I like to start by ensuring the hubs of the home (kitchen, living room, bathrooms) are neat and tidy.

Then I jazz up my planner with creative stickers, adding a fun touch to my schedule and "to-do" lists.

Finally, on Sunday evenings, I indulge in a calming bedtime routine, setting the tone for a smooth week ahead.

All of my weeks have a focus area...

Each Sunday I review my planer and set my priorities for the week.

I also put my goals on my Business Planner Trello board and write no more than 3 items to do each day.

All of my weeks have a focus area, then I jump in and get started!

Open my notes app on my phone...

I usually start with a quiet moment on Sunday - either in the morning while sipping my coffee or later when I'm taking a breather on the couch.

I almost always open my notes app on my phone and just start tapping out what I had pending from last week that needs to get tackled ASAP - usually by Monday.

That gets my planning juices flowing and then I just add whatever else needs doin' that week!

Block out the available timeslots...

First, I make a list of all the "have-to-get-done" tasks for the week (as in ASAP) and what are the top 3 priorities. (When I limit it to just 3 I'm more likely to complete them.)

Next I block out the available timeslots open for the week and plug in the times I will work on the tasks.

Finally I do a visualization of what it will feel like to have the tasks done -- and the energy it will free up for what I can do after that. This is a really juicy exercise!

Typically I do this every Sunday evening, so I can start the week with a plan and very doable goals. It clears my mind and sets me up for success.

I imagine myself telling everyone "I finished XYZ"...

When planning my own upcoming week, I first write down a list of all the tasks and projects that I think are a priority and that I'd like to work on and get done.

This list is almost always too long 😝 so I'll then ask myself which one of those tasks and projects I'd feel most excited to tell everyone I've accomplished at the end of the week.

I imagine myself telling everyone "I finished XYZ" at the end of the week and if it makes me feel excited, that's priority #1.

What are your takeaways?

Anything you're going to do a little differently in your planning after this? Share in the comments!

I'm loving the visualization ideas and the time blocking. I'm adding those in for sure!

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