Mission is on a mission to help individuals stack income streams so they can fly to freedom.

We don't believe that trading time for money is the way to get your dreams off your vision board and into your reality.

What we do believe in is *you*.

We believe in your heart, your hustle, your courage, and your grit.

But want you to be able to hustle in ways that bring you the RIGHT kinds of income. The residual and leveraged kind so that you get paid even when you're not actively working. 

We believe in opportunities that offer systems that work while you rest.
Systems that are the wind beneath your wings, helping you fly as high as you want.

We fight against things that are really “jobs” disguised as businesses.

We fight for building systems that work on auto-pilot and stacking several of them to reach financial freedom.

We believe in teaching you to fly so you're able to command the fastest transportation available.

We're in a fight for freedom against the corporate world and their exploitation of your creativity.

We're building a movement where you can go on quests to create leveraged, passive income within months.

Those receiving a paycheck will tell you it can't be done.

…Because after all, trading their time for money is all they know…

They'll tell you it's “impossible” or, if you're from the south like me, “you're gettin' too big for your britches”.

Yet passive income happens every minute of every day for those gutsy enough to build the systems to create it.

Not all systems are created equally.

Others will teach you to drive race cars.

But even the fastest racecar driver will need new training to learn to fly.

I'll teach you to fly freely and joyfully.

My name is Monica Snyder and I founded

And we are Flyers.


Will you join us?

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